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Are the cogs coming off?

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It is with utter amazement that I watch what this Government is trying to do. This may also be helpful if you are having trouble keeping track of what’s happening… ;).

First of all, it thinks the public wont live having the 2011 Rugby World Cup on Maori Television (free to air rights only), so it says no to it.

So they decide TVNZ should have it because more people will watch it, and it wont be 90% English and 10% te reo language ratio that Maori TV were set to do.

But they didn’t count on the taxpayers being appaled at funding two bids for the rights. $3 million for Maori TV to broadcast, and a boost for TVNZ (plus TV3 – they would share rights) to outbid.

And now? The National-led Government have said they will fund a joint bid combining Maori TV with TVNZ and TV3. Maori TV would be the main sponsor and the other two channels would be sub-contracted.

Prime Minister John Key said himself, as reported by, “There was a lack of coherence and ministers should have got together to thrash out a single approach.”

It seems to me that the cogs fell off the wheel on this one, with the cabinet looking red-faced with patches of egg too.

They didn’t even know what the Maori affairs minister, Pita Sharples, was doing with the $3 million earmarked for Maori development. And then they wanted to side with local opinion.

Stick to your guns, National.

You’re still sticking to your guns with the making of common cold and flu medicines prescription only to combat the making of methamphetamine, or “P”. Or will we see that go by the wayside too? In this instance, however, I don’t care. There is no cure for the common cold. Get over it.


Written by Gabriel Pollard

14 October, 2009 at 9.22 pm

YouTube: ‘debate puts the viewer in the driver seat’

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Yesterday New Zealand Prime Minister Helen Clark and the opponent vying for her job John Key debated each other with questions posed by political journalists and commentators. But this history-making debate had one important difference, it also included questions submitted via YouTube to the two party leaders.

Broadcast on TV ONE, the one and a half hour show drew over a million viewers to the new-format debate. The One News YouTube debate saw 12 questions asked throughout the show to the National Party leader and Ms Clark through low-quality YouTube clips with such questions ranging from the New Zealand recession to the recent violent attacks on shopkeepers.

Labour Party’s Ms Clark liked the new format, “I think that through YouTube, Mark, you and TV ONE, have brought not only the debate into people’s homes, you’ve made it real to young people through new technology.” With the head of TVNZ News & Current Affairs Anthony Flannery agreeing and describing it as an “exciting event”.

Many journalists have since agreed that the “groundbreaking event” was a draw between the two battlers, if not Mr Key edging out in front of the incumbent and recieving the favour of the voting public.

Head of News and Politics at YouTube Steve Grove says, “By letting citizens ask the questions, this debate has put voters in the driver’s seat.

“New Zealanders have long been leaders in embracing democracy and the opportunities that new technologies can provide, and it’s fantastic to see so many Kiwis watching and participating in this historic event.”

YouTube has various clips from the debate, and TVNZondemand has the full, continous show.

Written by Gabriel Pollard

15 October, 2008 at 2.45 pm

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