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Who are the people behind the scenes at TV stations

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That’s a question I’ve asked myself too, and now I have an answer. Recently I interviewed John Sweetman, the guy who introduces the shows we’re watching and “warns” us when there is “bad” language, etc, upcoming.

The profile recently featured in Christchurch Press’ supplement technology magazine The Box and is also available over online at

Written by Gabriel Pollard

14 January, 2010 at 4.17 pm


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Sorry about the lack of news on this blog lately, just been quite busy with my journalism course and interviewing.

I am currently studying Media Communication at Aoraki Polytechnic (Christchurch campus). In this course we write news stories, radio reports and the two-a-year TV news pieces.

But, the 2009 class has been very priveledged to have been getting a lot of our work published in local community papers in Christchurch such as The Star and The Mail. But, we have also been getting a few stories published in the Christchurch metropolitian newspaper, The Press.

A couple of weeks ago I found out that a free youth health centre here in Christchurch was having its funding changed and could face possible closure if they could not enroll enough exclusive patients.

The Press published this story last week!

Also, The Press just recently revamped their paper. This included every page being in colour (New Zealand isn’t that far behind – we just had limited capacity to do colour on EVERY page), section revamp, and design changes too. The biggest change they did was they introduced a magazine liftout for every day of the week.

The deputy editor at The Press chose our class to help with a new section across the board of their new magazines (travel, TV/tech, food/fashion, out and about in the neighbourhood and a going out in the weekend-type for Monday to Friday respectively) where we interview a person for 10 questions and ask them simple questions like “how big is your TV?”.

I chose to cover The Box (TV/tech) and so far have had two interviews published with Peter Young (Fisheye Films) and Mike McRoberts (TV3 News anchor). Sorry but copy is not online.

So, I’m pretty happy with my copy being published!

Written by Gabriel Pollard

29 August, 2009 at 8.32 pm