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Election campaign starts

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Today sees the broadcast of the Opening Addresses by political parties in New Zealand, such as Labour, National, Greens, etc. Tomorrow sees the campaign launches of the two biggest parties, Labour and National.

The Greens and New Zealand First, among others, have already launched their campaigns with local celebrities such as Robyn Malcolm of Outrageous Fortune fame. Ms Malcolm plays Cheryl West on the critically acclaimed local series (with derivitives in production in Britain and America), and is a self-proclaimed ‘greenie’.

I have been conducting interviews with leaders for Wikinews’ New Zealand General Election coverage to see how they intend to lead the country if voted for. I’ve only published one interview so far; that being with John Key, leader of the National party. In the coming few days an interview with current Prime Minister of New Zealand and leader of the Labour Party will be published, followed shortly by Russel Norman: co-leader of the Green party. Keep watching here, or Wikinews, for those.

I have all asked them the same questions as not to show any of my current prejudices or biasism in the articles; it will also allow you (the readers) to compare the parties on policy and make up your mind for November 8.

Four days following the American presidential election, November 8, New Zealanders will head to the polling booths to vote for our preffered political party and electorate representative.

Written by Gabriel Pollard

11 October, 2008 at 1.42 pm

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  1. Don’t forget to vote Green, like those Outrageous Wests!


    15 October, 2008 at 8.20 am

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