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Morti Humani rock the public

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Morti Humani recently entered the Smokefree RockQuest 2008 and made it past the Christchurch heats. Isaac Welsh, bassist and lead vocals; Josh Butler on lead guitar and backing vocals; and drummer plus backing vocalist Sam Laurie comprise to make the Papanui High School-originating band soon to be renamed Love the Lost, or LtL for short (Sam made up the new name).

The three students were vying for a name change after being through many other band members, including an exchange student from Germany, since forming in mid-2007. Isaac said, “We wanted to give ourselves a new image, and with a new name we could have a fresh start, with just the three of us, Josh, Sam and myself.”

When known as Morti Humani – which means Dead Men in Latin -, LtL played their original song, Mama, at the Christchurch Civic Theatre heat rounds for Rockquest. While Isaac says they had a perception that their performance was “absolutely shocking”, the judges obviously thought otherwise. “The next day [after the audition], I was at production rehearsals and got a txt from one of my mates from Burnside [High School], who also competed in it, and she said something along the lines of ‘Congrats on getting through guys’.

“[Sam and I] just both went nuts, but silently, because people were rehearsing,” Isaac said while laughing.

The next venue for the regionals was the Town Hall where they again played hard rock song Mama and another titled Katie, a pop rock-style of song. Ironically they thought this was their best performance but failed to proceed onto any further stages but, through a grin, Isaac told me that they “were all really stoked with their performance and [thought it] was such an awesome experience.”

While the two songs they played at Rockquest have ties to the rock genre, Isaac says that they can play any type of music the audience wants from country to techno to blues.

LtL have 13 original songs, such as the ones aforementioned and a song memorialising former Papanui High School Student Marie Davis who passed away earlier this year. Later in August they will be recording a few of their songs, which Isaac said should be “really good”. The purpose, he says, to be “something we can play to people without having to get out all our instruments.”

As well as original songs, they can also cover at least three songs off by heart such as Why Does Love Do This To Me? by The Exponents, Face Down by Red Jumpsuit Apparatus and The Divynals’ I Touch Myself.

LtL have played around five gigs, “if you count playing at school”; two at school, played at the Loons in Lyttelton, once at the Civic and performed at the Town Hall. Recently New Zealand’s Got Talent came to Christchurch, while LtL didn’t know they were able to audition, Isaac says that they should have entered.

Written by Gabriel Pollard

11 September, 2008 at 10.49 pm

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  1. […] The article on the music band, which managed to advance progress through the Rockquest which has churned out many now successful bands in its years, advances by point further. And now I’m researching about more talent found in my school. […]

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