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School welcomes journalistic talent

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With the release of our school’s new website, I’ve been given a section to myself to write. The “Student Achievement” page will be authored by me and will cover each topic in-depth, unlike what our school currently does which is to give about one or two sentences to those who they would like to congratulate in the school paper.

The first fully-fledged article is online and covers our school’s recent production, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” I must confess that I didn’t see it, but all I’ve heard is good stuff on it. The claim to greatness is also evident in the article.

The school did a modern twist on the Shakespearean tragedy to a slight degree and I talked with the person who headed the school production, Miss Jay Versteeg. As some sort of disclaimer; she is also, conincidentially, my form teacher.

The teacher who has delegated this responsibility to me is expecting me to write around one-two articles a month for the section under my editorial responsibility.

And just as a side note to the article, most people at school call her Miss V as opposed to Miss Versteeg.

Written by Gabriel Pollard

13 July, 2008 at 1.41 pm

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